I don’t want to sail with this ship of fools

World Party, Ship of Fools on Private Revolution

ship of fools

I’m not inspired by anything in particular for this post, just a general astonishment at the lack of knowledge and understanding, especially of science, of our politicians.

Earlier this year our Prime Minister stated that he wanted to ban certain websites to protect our children from the unsavoury. With just a cursory understanding of the Internet he would know that that is impossible: the point of the Internet is that it is robust, fault-tolerant communication, and a block or filter is just seen as a fault, and all faults can be worked around.

In America they’ve taken wilful ignorance of science to an altogether different level. When the whole Republican Party consider climate change a “liberal conspiracy”, despite the overwhelming evidence of the vast, vast, vast majority of scientists, and more than half of them believe in the literal truth of the Bible, yes, even the bit where the world was created in six days about four thousand years ago, then you know we’re in serious trouble.

As an antidote, check out The Geek Manifesto by Mark Henderson, who puts the case for the use of the scientific method to create policy.

So, no specific rant today, just a general despondency, and in the words of World Party, “Save me from tomorrow”.