The English upper-class are a seriously deranged lot.

Pig Head in Window

The revelations about what the Prime Minister did at Oxford University are simultaneously hilarious, repulsive and, sadly, not at all surprising. These are the sort of things these people get up to in their “exclusive clubs”.

Why do they do these things? First of all, the more perverse the more funny they think this sort of thing is. The more rich, powerful and privileged they are the more decadent they become.

The second reason these things happen, and I’m not sure they realise this themselves, at least not all of them, is that if they all do something this weird and repulsive, they all have something to hold against each other. It binds them together … for life.

Of the revelations about Cameron and his friends the most disgusting thing is not what they do to dead animals, but their attitude to the poor and under-privileged. By all reports they openly mocked and humiliated people they regarded, and openly called, “plebs”.

To them, they are patricians, everyone else are plebeians; they are born to rule, everyone else is born to serve … them.

To call Cameron and his friends pigs is a disservice to the poor creature our Prime Minister “allegedly” abused.