I haven’t been keeping up with this blog for a few days because I’m still waiting to read some serious analysis of Jeremy Corbyn’s election.

Jeremy Corbyn for Labour Leader

The British press are absolutely rubbish. I don’t mean because they’re opposed to progressive politics of the left (yes, even the BBC, The Guardian, The New Statesman and The Mirror), but because they’re so bad at their job.

Let’s look at some of the things they didn’t see coming: the financial crash in 2008, the coalition government forming in 2010, predicting the coalition wouldn’t go a full term, the election of Ed Miliband as Labour leader in 2010, the 2015 General Election result, and now the election of Jeremy Corbyn by a landslide. The closest I heard or read an “analyst” get to what actually happened was that Corbyn would scrape together just enough votes in the second round of the leadership election.

Not only did the press and media not see it coming, now that it has happened, they don’t know why it happened.

I use RSS aggregator that pulls all the news feeds I like together into a manageable form. During the leadership campaign there were lots of articles popping up everyday. After the result it’s dried up to just a trickle, and then the articles are barely worthy of the name. For example, one of the first articles that arrived in my list immediately after the result was announced, the headline read something along the lines of: Labour elects another white man as leader. Really? That’s the take away from the result of the biggest win by any candidate in any party’s leadership election, ever? That was from The New Statesman’s news feed. This country’s leading progressive politics magazine.

The coverage since has been just as bad. It’s focused on the number of women and minorities in Corbyn’s shadow cabinet, how many of his “friends” would he promote, who wouldn’t serve in a Corbyn shadow cabinet, will there be a coup launched by the Parliamentary Labour Party, and it goes on is a similar vein.

What they haven’t discussed is why was his victory so decisive? How did he manage to gain a majority in every aspect of the labour movement? Why is the Parliamentary Party so out of touch with the grass roots membership? Will this grass roots uprising become an effective electoral tool come 2020?

The best coverage and analysis I’ve come across is by Novara Media. I don’t know much about them but they’ve provided by far the best analysis about and implications of the election of Jeremy Corbyn.

Another failure of the mainstream media in all this is their insularity, especially inside the Westminster bubble. “Journalists” and “commentators” have spent years nurturing relationships with the people they see as the main players in the main political parties. Now, all of those players in the Labour Party are no longer relevant and the media no longer has a relationship with the Labour leadership. What are they supposed to do? Actually work for a living and do some actual journalism?

The mainstream media really are a worthless, spineless, parasitic lot. Do yourself a favour, don’t listen to that garbage, look at things for yourself and make your own mind up. That’s right, think for yourself.